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Bulgaria is one of the most famous European educational hubs for the students who want to excel in the field of Medicine. Bulgaria is wrapped with top-notch and renowned Medical Colleges. Most of the international students prefer to study in Bulgaria because of its low-cost tuition fee.

Medical universities in Bulgaria have recognition from World Health Organisation (WHO), Medical Council of India (MCI) and Ministry of Education.  The University follows both English and Bulgarian medium of instruction.

Why Study MBBS in Bulgaria?

There are a lot more reasons to this above mentioned question. Find all the reasons behind why you can choose Bulgaria as your next MBBS destination.

  1. Bulgaria has excellent and super facility infrastructure in the field of education than Sri Lanka, India, and Bangladesh, Asian and African countries. This will help the international students a lot.
  2. The curriculum followed by the university is same like the syllabus followed by MCI, NMC, PMDC and BMDC.
  3. Students will be given the world-class medical education and make them capable for MCI screening or any other tough examination.
  4. Bulgaria has the finest locations; it is located in the Central Europe.
  5. There are hospitals, clinics and different research cubicles in the University. Students will get more benefits from this in-house facility.
  6. One of the finest attractions of Medical colleges in Bulgaria is its low-cost tuition fees.
  7. Bulgaria is a European union member country
Advantages of doing MBBS in Bulgaria

If you are going to choose Bulgaria as your next medical destination then know the advantages. This will lead you to choose the better way for your career. Medical colleges in Bulgaria have an array of advantages, few of them are listed below. Have a look.

  1. Bulgarian Universities is wrapped with students from all across the world, i.e. from UK, USA, etc. This will lead students to interact on an international level.
  2. The tuition fees of the universities are very affordable compared to other developed countries and european countries
  3. Universities in Bulgaria are equipped with different modern facilities, high standard education system and qualified academic staffs.
  4. The medical program at the university is of 6 years.
  5. Universities have their own clinics and research divisions.
  6. Doing MBBS from Bulgarian universities will give the student an international exposure and they can practice in any other countries in the world.
  7. The cost of living is very low in Bulgaria.
  8. Students can get direct entry to the medical colleges in Bulgaria. The college does not conduct any entrance examination.