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MBBS Abroad aspirants and students who want to study MBBS or MD outside India, will find useful information on medical universities of China, Nepal, Philippines, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.  Orchid Education Foundation recommends only those that are approved by MCI and enlisted in the World Directory of medical education under the aegis of W.H.O. Geneva.

MBBS Abroad - Overview for aspirants or students who should know that there are 10 lacs Indians who are aspiring to become doctors. However there are only 35000 seats in medical colleges of India. What about the remaining 9 lacs and 65000. The only option left for these bright aspirants is to look for other avenues, which  means outside India. Hence it is MBBS Abroad. 

Affordable Tuition Fees- We would like to delve little deeper, to find why so many students are going to study outside India. The simple reason is that every Indian cannot afford to pay large amount of premium to study in the medical colleges of India, hence this segment of students who cannot get a seat in India in competition and cannot afford to pay huge fees may look for options to study MBBS Abroad.

MCI Screening Test- The Screeing Test is conducted by National Board of Examinations under the aegis of Medical Council of India. The students after returning with a valid medical degree from abroad, can pass the test and get registered with the MCI to practice in India or to pursue higher studies in India.

MBBS in Nepal
Medical Universities in Nepal

Nepal provides opportunity to MBBS Abroad aspirants who look at Nepal as a decent destination to pursue MBBS in Nepal.The medical colleges of infrastructure is as good as India. There are 6 medical schools in Nepal.

Advantage Nepal :

  • Pleasant weather
  • Hindi and English Speaking region
  • Curriculum very similar to MCI (Medical Council of India)
  • NO Visa required
  • Food habits, life styles, culture, religion, festivals similar as in India
  • Very high quality of medical education
  • Very Economical in comparison to India

MD in Philippines
Medical Universities in Philippines

Philippines Universities are of high standards. Philippines is world's 3rd largest english speaking nation. The medical universities are having a good faculty. MBBS Abroad aspirants go to pursue MD IN PHILIPPINES, because it is easy to go to United States from this country. The education pattern is same in both countries. There are 30 medical schools in Philippines.

MD in Romania
Medical Universities in Romania

Romania is important to MBBS Abroad aspirants who are looking forward to go to Europe to study medicine, then one of the option being MD IN ROMANIA, which come under the aegis of European Union. The medical infrastructure is at par with other european union countries. There are 7 medical schools in Romania.

MD in Russia
Medical Universities in Russia

Russia consists of all government universities. The medical institutes and universities are more than 30 to 40 years old. One should look for doing MD IN RUSSIA. All are having good infrastructure and faculty to train MBBS Abroad students at par with world standards. There are 57 medical schools in Russia.

MD in Ukraine
Medical Universities in Ukraine

Ukraine is more or less just like Russian. The aspirants can look to MD IN UKRAINE.After the seperation with Russian Federation, Ukraine a seperate country was formed. The infrastructure to study in Ukraine is as good as in Russia. MBBS Abroad aspirant have a choice to choose  from the 14 medical schools in Ukraine.

MBBS in Mauritius

Mauritius, the dream island nation in the Indian ocean is the new destination for quality Medical education, Indian affinity and economic affordability, especially for aspiring Doctors from the Indian sub-continent.

Why study MBBS in Mauritius

  • Medical Council of India (MCI) guided syllabus
  • Infrastructure accredited by TEC, UTM
  • Established teaching hospital, clinical training at FLACQ, a distinctive hospital of Government of Mauritius
  • Indian faculty with decades of teaching experience
  • Small batches to enable better teaching and learning
  • Hindi and English Speaking region
  • Indian culture and pollution free climate
  • No Donation. Year wise payment of tuition fee and hostel expenses
  • Admissions done twice in a year, February and August batches
  • Very high quality of medical education
  • Very Economical in comparison to India