All Admission counselling will be done on the Guidelines of Honorable Supreme 
Court of India,Govt. of India & Concern Authority of Private Medical & Dental Colleges.

Orchid Education Foundation

অর্কিড এডুকেশন ফাউণ্ডেশন  I  आर्किड शिक्षा फाउण्डेशन 

Welcome to Orchid Education Foundation! We help Indian students to fulfil their dream of studying medicine in a medical colleges in India & abroad by staying within their means. Our years of commitment towards this goal have led to the wish fulfilment of many young boys and girls. Our students have travelled to various parts of the world in search of their medical career. The countries we send our students on a regular basis are – China, Georgia, Germany, India, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Mauritius, Nepal, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia and Armenia.

Orchid Education Foundation welcomes partners or associates or agents who are willing to render similar services to other students in touch with them. Educational consultants or agents who wish to process student’s applications need to fill up the form given here. We will send you a detailed mail with all necessary instructions once we have gone through your application.

We are an organisation of repute when it comes to study abroad & India consultation. Our students are pursuing their medical careers with full might and glory in different parts of the world. If you are someone who wishes to help students you know by guiding them with finding the right kind of medical institution for them, you can tie up with us. Not only will this be beneficial for the student but will also be a career choice for you. Get in touch with for further details.

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